Your First Visit to Palmers Green Physio Clinic

Many people want to know what happens on their first visit to physiotherapist.

The page aims to provide you with all the necessary facts on what you can expect on your first visit. Additionally if there is anything else that you need to know please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Finding Out More about You and Your Health

Firstly we will begin by asking you questions about you and your general health and condition to build up your detailed medical history.

This is important as it helps us to rule out other medical conditions such as, gallbladder or heart conditions masquerading as back or shoulder pain.

We then ask you to describe your physical problem in detail to try to find out the causes of your pain.

This will include questions what medication you are on and how much your work and leisure activities are affected by your problem.

What aggravates Your Condition?

We also need to investigate which positions or movements aggravates or relieves your pain.

This will provide us with important insights and ideas on how better to provide effective pain relief. And ultimately help diminish the factors which are contributing to the aggravation of your condition.

Examining The Problem Area

Next we need to examine you physically to check your movements, test your muscle length and strength, and determine individual joint mobility by gently pressing or moving the problem body part.back pain

During physical examination we need to get to the root causes of your pain. To find that we need to apply the pressure to individual tissues like bone, muscle, ligament, tendon or nerve in order to find out which structure is responsible for your pain.

This may involve recreating some of your pain momentarily but it gives us invaluable information on how to provide you with long lasting pain relief, and a complete return to full fitness.

Your Own Treatment Plan

After finishing the examination we explain your condition to you and agree the treatment plan including how many sessions you will need to have.

Our physiotherapy treatments usually involve:

  • Advice on injury management, prevention and ergonomics.

  • Massage, mobilisations and manipulation.

  • Progressive exercise programmes ranging from basic rehabilitation to high fitness level gym work-outs designed to help you return to competitive sports or physically active hobbies

  • Taping techniques to help injured structure

  • Acupuncture for pain relieve

  • Electrotherapy like ultrasound or interferential currents to reduce pain, swelling and speed up the healing process

As a specialist service we may also offer you joint aspiration which involves procedures like draining the fluid from swollen knee.

We can also provide you with the range of corticosteroid and lubricant injections to provide fast and long lasting pain relieve.

back pain

We provide you with treatment on the first day that we see you. Our aim is that you walk out of the door with less pain and full understanding of your problem.

To make an appointment to see one of our experienced physiotherapist please contact us to make your appointment.

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